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MEM-Bears ®
- handmade -

Hom e   -   MEM bears

For love & connection

Handmade unique bear with recording module for a personalized message with your own voice to give your loved ones even more love and connection when you can't be there for a while.


"Certainly a fantastic initiative. I was able to see the effect with my eyes with a lady I worked with who was often deep in her own world.
As soon as she heard her daughter's voice singing a song in her native language, there was such a beautiful awake look and we were able to connect with her very well, so beautiful ❤"  

- Lissy-

Make a real difference in someone's can do that now.

Who oh who knows someone else who could use the love and connection of the mem-bear with your own voice?

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“Dementia fades into the background when you look beyond the disease”

Article written by Boukje Wiersma for the Leeuwarder Seniorenkrant


Sometimes very beautiful things can arise from a violent event. The MEM bear is a great example of this. When Grietje van der Heide's mother was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia in 2012, there was a lot of grief to process. But out of that sadness arose the desire to approach dementia in a more positive way. She found a soul mate in Jan 't Hoen, who owns a small-scale nursing home in Wezup.


"A valuable bear. Not just for people who are labeled sick. But actually for everyone who needs a hug from time to time."

- Marleen

"Thank you Grietje for the beautiful bear gift. I am in Brabant and my mother in Friesland. How nice to send such a sweet bear with my voice! My mother was very happy with it!"

- Annemarie

Don't need a bear, but want to do something? You can donate here.

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